Time-Lapse Tomato Plants

My grandfather inspired me to grow tomatoes. He grew giant beefsteak tomatoes on a farm near Santa Rosa, CA where I spent several summers as a pre-teen looking for nirvana in the middle of rural Northern California. On that quest I discovered the wonder of home-grown tomatoes. I have been growing tomatoes almost every year, since renting a house with a suitable yard and garden after college. If the climate of my particular domicile allowed…I grew tomatoes. I now live in a place where tomato plants flourish. I have been growing heirloom tomatoes for the past 14 years.

Over a 4-month period, I shot time-lapse photos of the process of planting tomato seeds and growing them in my greenhouse in February and March, and then April, May and June on my patio.  I used a GoPro 3 camera for time-lapse photos and a Canon 7D for stills. Edited in iMovie on a Mac.